2,100 CFM ‘2013’ Quincy ECODRI – R410A Refrigerated High Efficiency Air Dryer

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2,100 CFM ‘2013’ Quincy ECODRI – R410A Refrigerated High Efficiency Air Dryer

$16,500 (USD)


S/N: APF188134 (DOM: 2013 – Installed on 8/27/2014 – Removed from Service 04/11/2016!!! NOTE!! LESS THAN 2 YEARS OF OPERATION!!! Quincy ECODRI 2100 CFM Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer S/N: APF188134 (DOM: 2013 – Installed on 8/27/2014 – Removed from Service 04/11/2016!!! NOTE!! LESS THAN 2 YEARS OF OPERATION!!! Most Efficient Drying Technology Available Quincy’s Eco Dri Cycling compressed air dryers are widely used in almost every industry where dry, contaminant-free compressed air is an absolute necessity. These units save energy by cycling the refrigeration on and off in response to demand. A three-stage heat exchanger system is employed to provide the cold storage necessary for the operation. In addition to improving the quality of the compressed air, our cycling dryers feature a compact design that offers maximum placement flexibility. They’re also simple to operate and extremely energy efficient, and they provide steady RH for excellent corrosion control. Unlike less technologically advanced models, Quincy cycling dryers do not require cooling of a glycol bath, and they’re designed to automatically adjust to account for changes in the operating environment. They come with a two-year full-coverage warranty, as well as an industry-best 10-year heat exchange warranty. 35°F dewpoint Dedicated Infologic Quincy’s sophisticated Airlogic2 controller responds to real-time data acquired by the sensors, and adjusts the thermal core temperature necessary to keep compressed air relative humidity at 30%, well below the corrosion point. Additional Control Panel Features: • Remote monitoring • CAN communication protocol • Voltage-free contacts for remote alarm • Auto restart • LAT lowest air temp Ambient temperature • Relative humidity (Rh) • Freezing alarm Refrigeration Compressors Quincy’s 21st century rolling-piston high-efficiency compressor delivers efficient performance while protecting the environment. • R410A refrigerants ensure the lowest environmental impact • Phase monitor ensures proper rotation • Rotary technology • Few moving parts • Long lifetime • Low noise level • Less vibrations Superior Efficiency and Protection The Quincy ECO DRI uses the latest in cycling refrigerated technology, providing the best energy savings in its class. The Smart RH Technology not only ensures the air is dried to a non-corrosive RH level, but it also automatically protects against freezing conditions. The cycling sensors automatically revert the mode of operation to non-cycling, when freezing conditions are present. On models above 250 CFM, the integrated flow switch turns off the dryer when no flow is detected. No other dryer offers this feature. Smart RH THermal Mass Conventional cycling dryers must cool a large glycol bath down to a fixed +39°F temperature. At normal conditions, this would yield a 12% RH when all that is required to protect the system from corrosion is 50% RH. The chart below shows that from 50% RH down to 12% RH is a relatively flat curve, with no additional benefit. Quincy’s ECO DRI cycling dryers maintain a target 30% RH, automatically adjusting based on the temperature conditions. This technology allows for maximum energy savings by operating only as much as needed. Thermal Core 10-Year Warranty Quincy’s three-stage thermal core heat exchanger design, materials, and construction ensure maximum reliability and efficiency. The thermal core heat exchanger combines the 1st stage air to air, the 2nd stage refrigerant to air evaporator, and the 3rd stage integral moisture separator with zero-loss drain. Includes a 10-year heat exchanger warranty. Drain Systems All Quincy ECO DRI systems are equipped with high-efficiency, environmentally-friendly zero-loss electronic drains. SPEC’S SUBJECT TO FINAL INSPECTION SELLING “AS IS – WHERE IS” AS DESCRIBED BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL RIGGING AND SHIPPING CHARGES. WE CAN ARRANGE RIGGING SERVICES AND SHIPPING ARRANGEMENTS… AGAIN, AT BUYER’S EXPENSE. QUESTIONS: RUSS 4149403288.


Shipping weight1015 lbs.
RefrigerantR410A / 12.1 lbs.
Main motor11.9kW, 460/3/60
Max. air pressure (psi)203
Max. inlet air temp158*F
Max./min. ambient air temp (farenheit)104* / 32*
Overall dimensions (mm)49.0 x 41.7 x 56.3 x 1350
Inlet/outlet connections6” Flange