160 Ton 2010 Knuth Hydraulic Press Brake #AHK-A-32160, 8′-10″ B/C & 126″ OAL

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160 Ton 2010 Knuth Hydraulic Press Brake #AHK-A-32160, 8′-10″ B/C & 126″ OAL

$44,500 (USD)


Working Area: Drive capacity Measures and weights Knuth Hydraulic Press Brake AHK A 32160 Knuth AHK A 32160 NOTE!!! NO DIES INCLUDED!! Constant angular accuracy! Heavy press with hydraulic lower table crowning Hydraulic lower crowning for significantly increased productivity digital indicator for rear and depth stops The press brakes of this series are manufactured in standardized bulk series to ensure solid quality and significant cost savings The frame is made of solid steel weldment for overhead mounting Manual upper and hydraulic lower crowning ensure high manufacturing qualtiy. Large torsion shaft guarantees synchronism between both hydraulic cylinders. Motorized rear stop with manual micro-adjustments Motors (from ABB) and hydraulic components from renown manufacturers guarantee high machining quality and high reliability. Fulfills highest safety standards with Fiessler Safety System, safety interlock, and protective covers Hardened hydraulic cylinders for long service life System male dies with 90°, 88°, 60° and 30° angles, plus clamping and radius tools upon request – many types of tools can be shipped within 24 hours Specifications – AHK A 32160 – Hydraulic Press Brake Working Area: Drive capacity Measures and weights Standard equipment – AHK A 32160 – Hydraulic Press Brake E-position indicator, rear stop, support arms, safety system (make Fiessler), foot pedal SPEC’S SUBJECT TO FINAL INSPECTION SELLING “AS IS – WHERE IS” AS DESCRIBED BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL RIGGING AND SHIPPING CHARGES. WE CAN ARRANGE RIGGING SERVICES AND SHIPPING ARRANGEMENTS… AGAIN, AT BUYER’S EXPENSE. QUESTIONS: RUSS 4149403288.


Pressure force160 Ton
Brake length3200 mm/126″
Rear stop600 mm
Distance between columns2700 mm/106″
Throat350 mm
Max. stroke length160 mm
Bending speed9 mm/s
Rapid feed4800 mm/min
Return speed85 mm/s
Motor rating11 kW
Hydraulic tank volume480 l
Overall dimensions3300mm x 1720mm x 2540 mm
Weight9600 kg