48" Programmable Almco 2SF-48DRA Vibratory Deburring Tub 2x Spindles & Enclosure

48" Programmable Almco 2SF-48DRA Vibratory Deburring Tub 2x Spindles & Enclosure

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Almco Inc. Vibratory Tub Deburring/Finishing Machine w/2x Programmable Work Holding Spindles Model #:  2SF-48DRA Overall Dimensions: Depth (F-B):  5'-10" Width (L-R):   8’-8" Height:           7'-4" Number of Spindles:  2 Variable Speed Spindles:   0-20 RPM Tub Diameter: 48" Process Tub Speed:       300-900 Surface Feet per Minute (SFM) at tub wall. REPLACEMENT COST = $100,000+++ MACHINE BASE SPECIFICATIONS: The Spindle Deburring Machine's base is fabricated from heavy section structural steel members gusseted with heavy plate steel to provide a rigid assembly capable of maintaining positive alignment of the machine's moving parts.  The base includes non-removable 10 gauge mild steel shrouding around the front of the rotating process tub, and removable guarding at the rear of the machine (for tub drive and spindle component access). The top of the base also includes a stainless steel work tray that catches loose media and liquid that may drip from the process parts, directing this material back to the process tub. ROTATING PROCESS TUB SPECIFICATIONS: The rotating process tub measures 48" in diameter by 28" deep and is fabricated of 3/16" mild steel plate using all-welded construction.  The tub bottom is reinforced with 3" structural channels, and a 3" wide strip along the bottom of the tub wall is perforated to allow continual drainage of liquid from the tub interior. The tub is mounted on the vertical output shaft of a Falk brand heavy duty gear reducer driven by a 20 Hp - 1725 RPM AC motor.  The motor is powered through an Allen-Bradley variable frequency drive, allowing variable tub speed from 24 to 72 RPM, which equates to a speed of 300 to 900 surface feet per minute (SFM) at the outer edge of the rotating tub. Spray System for Process Tub:  A spray system is installed on the machine and is designed to allow a continuous flow of liquid through the contents of the tub to produce shorter time cycles by enhancing the cutting action of the media.  This spray system may be set up for water, compound or both based upon the liquid supply options ordered. SPINDLE SUPPORT SPECIFICATIONS (TWO SUPPORTS PROVIDED): The spindle supports are part of the machine base and are fabricated from heavy-section structural steel rigidly gusseted to provide positive alignment of the spindle assemblies with respect to the rotating process tub.  Automatic tilting of the spindles into (down) - and out of (up) the process tub is accomplished via Parker brand 3" air cylinders, and the spindles are adjustable via touch screen for up to 15 degrees each of "lead" and "trail" angle (the angle of attack toward or away from the oncoming flow of media in the tub).  Manual (mechanical) adjustments for each spindle include spindle height from bottom of tub, distance of spindle from tub wall, and spindle "tilt angle" (from vertical to 15 degrees away from the center of the tub). SPINDLE ASSEMBLY SPECIFICATIONS (TWO SPINDLES PROVIDED): The spindles are fabricated from 2" diameter seamless steel tubing and revolve in heavy duty pillow block bearings.  Each spindle is driven at or up to 20 RPM by a gearmotor operating through a heavy duty timing belt and pulleys.  The end of each spindle is fitted with a flanged adaptor plate designed to accept an adaptor for part-holding tooling.  The tooling is actuated by air pressure through a rotochamber and draw rod on top of the spindle that is controlled by a foot-operated air valve at the base of the machine. Hydraulic Rotary Actuators: These units provide 90 degree spindle arm pivot toward the front of machine for product loading and unloading.  A rotary potentiometer senses the pivot position of each spindle and the output values of the potentiometers are used to accurately drive the hydraulic actuators to the programmed "lead" and "trail" angles or to the spindle's "home" position.  In the "home" position, the rotary actuator precisely positions the spindle for robot loading and unloading of parts.  Also includes a Continental brand hydraulic power unit, control valves, spindle position sensor


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