Harrington-ES010L-Series-1-Ton-Electric-Chain-Hoist-ES3-617-13-FPM-Lift-Speed-3-scaled.jpgGood As New, Used Machines for Sale – Request a Quote

Lemke Machinery Sales, Inc. is a small family owned and operated used machinery dealer specializing in metalworking and fabricating equipment

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We are a family-owned company specializing in the e-commerce market for used woodworking and metalworking machinery. We’ve created a platform to find, sell, or buy used machinery or machinery parts.

Our large inventory of used (in-good-condition) machinery for sale is always updated with the greatest machines for sale in the market. Lemke Machinery sells factory to factory, meaning that the vast majority of second hand machinery listed on our website can be inspected in good running condition. We also sell consumer to consumer.

Large-102-x-100-Steel-Fabrication-Layout-or-Inspection-Table-1.5-Thick-Plate-5-scaled.jpgOur customer support and professional expertise are the qualities that make Lemke Machinery stand out. If you do not find the type of equipment you’re seeking, please reach out to us directly by calling or filling out our online contact form. One of our sales agents will reach back out to you right away.

We also sell consumer to consumer. Lemke Machinery makes sure that our customers are informed on where these machines come from, how good they are, and analyze their state of maintenance.